Resolving Challenges in Water, Liquid & Solid Waste Treatment

A Wide Spectrum Of Applications

ZEOLOGIC’s unique geochemical solutions, have high environmental added value and apply in several market sectors, such as:

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Landfill Leachate Treatment

Potable Water Treatment

Ship Generated Liquid Waste Treatment

Air Pollutants Control residues Τreatment line

GACS Technology

GACS (Geochemical Active Clay Sediment)
is a process created, developed, and patented by ZEOLOGIC which:

  • Is friendly to the environment
  • Can be applied to a wide range of environmental projects
  • Is based upon the usage of geopolymer materials with high absorption ability
  • Relies on the principles of nanomechanics, achieving treatment of the pollutant load at nanoscale level. Pollutant load is captured on the crystal structure of the geopolymer materials
  • Produces inert, stable and non-hazardous sludge.

ZEOLOGIC has developed a series of innovative products such as, nanocoagulant mediums, nanoflocculants, organoflocculant compounds, and metallic oxidation nanoparticles, which together with the geopolymer materials significantly enhance the performance of the treatment process.




A strong commitment to protecting the environment

Current global challenges, including increasing need for clean water, effective wastewater and waste treatment, call for radical solutions to resolve problems to the environment and society, and be consistent with increasingly strict environmental regulations.

ZEOLOGIC provides innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers worldwide to address these challenges. It stand out for our innovation, excellent scientific expertise, and the environmental sensitivity of its people.


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